Family emphasis with debt repayment & future wealth focus

This transition phase introduces an emphasis on lifestyle and growing an investment portfolio. You will start to focus on family and enjoying the hard work that you have endured during the previous life transition. You will be experiencing some or all of the following positive experiences:

  • Your career will be at its peak or maturing
  • Equity in the family home has been growing into a healthy financial nest egg
  • Superannuation is growing and maturing
  • It is the most viable transition to make substantial investments from purchasing a holiday home, or investing in other areas to grow your portfolio
  • You could be considering a self-managed superannuation fund
  • Your household income is sitting steady at $250 000 plus per year

Commitments that you could still be addressing:

  • Education fees
  • Purchasing more property for your family

Our initial consultation will result in our financial experts learning and understanding what your goals have been to this point in your life. What have been your difficulties and what are you planning for the future. We will combine all of your hard work with our proven strategies that will help you to achieve all of your life goals. We will take the stress out of investigating and understanding the most opportune outcomes for you and your family. We will also find the leading personal insurance, Superannuation and debt solution products available for you. Investment opportunities that offer the most appropriate investment and savings approach to suit your objectives. We will also begin with creating a pre-retirement and Estate planning strategy for your retirement.

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