Ensuring cash flow is going to the right places

Our transitional phase of 55-65 introduces an emphasis on retirement and creating opportunities that will secure this transitional phase to take full opportunity of your value.

Your financial life may look like during the pre –retirement life transition:

  • Solid equity in the family home
  • Household income of $250 000 plus per year: which has remained steady over many years
  • A strong return on your Superannuation will be at the forefront of preparation for retirement
  • Inheritance from an elderly relative
  • Business succession- being able to let go, sell or pass down to children your business interests

However, you may still have several financial obligations:

  • Education fees
  • Financial assistance for children
  • Investment property interests
  •  Unplanned medical/ health issues
  • Career is beginning to wind down

This transitional phase of your life requires major changes in your personal and financial situations; we are highly empathetic to how much change could take place. We will plan your move into retirement to optimise the most of your opportunities. We will investigate the following:

  • Debt Management - do we need to find a better solution for your needs
  • Personal Insurance - are you over or under insured in the lead up to retirement?

This is the most effective time to plan for your retirement as you will have a solid understanding of your needs during retirement and with our help create a personalised strategy that will work for you

We can educate you on the best investments for you at this stage in your life

Make your Superannuation work effectively so that you can receive the highest benefits plus plan for strong contributions to give yourself the best retirement 

Our financial planners will work with you to finalise your estate requirements

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