Banking Royal Commission

Banking Royal Commission

First and foremost, we are fully supportive of recommendations that lead to a better, stronger financial services industry for the benefit of all clients and Australians. 

Let it be noted that under recommendation 2.1 of the Hayne report (Annual Renewal and payment), we are currently complying with the annual “Opt-In” requirements noted, disclosing future fees applied for service provided.  This has been part of our procedures since 2015, when we consciously moved from a percentage fee to agreed annual flat fee for service. 

We wholeheartedly believe in the value of advice and the important role that advisers play in the community. This is evident in the clients we see on a daily basis and those we have guided for many years.  

Our unwavering commitment to you:  The Team at knp Financial Services will continue to put your needs and goals at the heart of everything we do. We know the right culture – one built on ethics, honesty and accountability, which allows for the right client-centric behaviour to thrive.

If you have any questions about the Royal Commission Final Report please let us know as we are more that happy to discuss any concerns you may have.