COVID-19 update

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Please find below some updates that we feel you need to be aware of;

Office Updates:

  • Your health is our utmost priority. As such we will be completing all client meetings over the next few months via phone or online (via Zoom).
  • Should our office need to close we have the processes in place for all our staff to work remotely and continue our ongoing services.
  • Health and Investment Market Uncertainly:

  • Given this strain of coronavirus is new, highly contagious and may kill 1 in 100 people, decisions are rapidly being made to support out medical system. Hospitals can't help us if everyone gets sick at once.
  • This is daunting for a lot of us with the uncertainly providing a lot of anxiety.
  • Share markets around the world are reacting to this uncertainty and unfortunately that will impact all of our investments over the short term.
  • History shows that eventually this virus will pass through the community, a vaccine will be discovered and life will start to return to normal.
  • At some point share markets will bounce back and start to improve returns in your portfolio.

How best to get through 2020 and the coronavirus:

  • Understand that we are all in this together. Stay focused on the long term and your plans for after this has passed.
  • No-one knows the future. The bottom of the share market is unknown and often only becomes apparent after the fact.
  • During the GFC, the only clients we witnessed selling during the market downturn ended up far worse that those who remained invested as they were sitting on the sidelines when markets rapidly recovered.


This is obviously an alarming time for a lot of us, so if you are concerned or worried please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Please stay safe and we will provide further updates from our perspective as COVID-19 unfolds.

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