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Investing in a volatile market

Warren Buffet, arguably the world’s most successful investor, has long championed the 'buy-and-hold' investment strategy on quality stocks. It's a philosophy many aspire to, but history has shown that rarely do we have the patience.

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Salary sacrificing - not such a sacrifice

A global survey of people's attitudes to retirement savings shows while Australians expect to spend, on average, 23 years in retirement, their money will run out after only just 10 years.  This gap in retirement savings, affectionately called ‘the retirement gap’ is a growing concern and more and more Australians are looking for ways to boost their super savings.

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ATO diversification probe may cause audit headaches

Some SMSF trustees with annual returns due in October may need to re-audit their accounts for the last financial year, following a warning from the ATO that funds which are highly concentrated in one asset must present a compliant investment strategy to their auditor or risk penalties of over $4,000.

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